Thank you for your support of the I Love FLVS campaign!


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Your contribution will support efforts to enrich and maximize educational opportunities for all FLVS students.  In addition to enhancing student learning with technology devices and scholarships for students in need and professional learning for FLVS teachers, the Foundation is expanding its capacity to support, sustain and celebrate, FLVS student clubs and extracurricular activities. With your help, we can ensure that FLVS student clubs retain national affiliations, and we can close the gap so that any FLVS student can have an opportunity to participate in these activities -- no matter what their family’s financial situation may be.

Donations to FLVS Foundation are tax deductible. Every gift to FLVS Foundation benefits FLVS students. The Foundation operates with very little overhead and pays no salaries, benefits or rent.

Our students need your support. INVEST IN THEM NOW!